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Bobtail/Non-Trucking Insurance

The Non-Trucking Liability Insurance safeguards small business or microbusiness owners when they are not under dispatch. So, when the owner is under perpetual lease to a vehicle carrier, the transporter’s primary liability insurance characteristically covers the owner only when driving under dispatch.

The Bobtail or Non-Trucking Insurance is not appropriate when you use your vehicle to carry any goods or merchandise get loaded or unloaded. If you are an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you may opt for non-trucking insurance as supplemental insurance. So, if you get bumped into anyone who does not have any liability insurance or has insufficient coverage, the non-trucking insurance will pay for the damages.

If you own a semi-truck or work as a sovereign contractor, you will require coverage beyond what your motor carrier may offer you. A majority of the time when you are working, your motor carrier provides you insurance coverage. And when you are unemployed, the insurance might not provide you coverage. So, the ideal approach to amplifying the coverage for your vehicle and livelihood is to opt for a bobtail or nontrucking insurance plan. It will cover your truck on days when you are off the clock, and make you feel safe. It will compensate you for any medical expenses or property