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General Liability Insurance (GL)

General Liability Insurance (GLI), also regarded as business liability insurance or commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for your business setup against any physical injury or assets damage claims. Such claims are very common and can happen during normal business operations. However, if you don’t have general liability insurance coverage, you will have to bear huge financial damages. Contact our team for a free insurance quote.

What Compensation Does General Liability Insurance Provide?

The General Liability Insurance (GLI) provides coverage against defensive costs that emerge from various claims such as:

  • Physical Injury or Asset Damage
  • Disrepute or dishonor due to malicious trial, defamation, slander, illegal exile, privacy violation, and much more.
  • Medical expenditures if your client or purchaser is injured at your business property
  • Harm to hired property caused due to fire, lightning, or blast incident
  • Repair your client’s property if it has been accidentally done by your employee while working on their premises.
  • Defense expenditures against your business
  • Verdicts or settlements from client legal proceedings

Who Require General Liability Insurance?

Facts state that almost 40% of business owners are likely to experience a general liability claim in the approaching decade. So, it is more likely that you may become a victim of unforeseen events like robbery, vandalism, or customer claims.

What is the Cost?

Many factors influence general liability insurance, the main factors include your business type, industry risk, years of existence, location, no. of employees, workplace condition, and many more. So, if you have a construction company, you may have to pay a higher premium than the marketing agency.

We offer the most competitive commercial general liability insurance rate in town. We also allow you to personalize your policy to fit your particular requirements.